The Jan Michiels group studies diverse topics related to bacterial survival under stress conditions.

The primary focus is to uncover molecular and evolutionary mechanisms involved in antibiotic tolerance or persistence of the model bacterium Escherichia coli and pathogenic bacteria.

Additionally, we study mechanisms conferring bacterial tolerance to ethanol and survival of nitrogen-fixing rhizobia upon seed application.

To this end, a combination of molecular genetic, high-throughput genomics and transcriptomics, microscopic techniques and modeling are used. With these results, we aim at contributing to the discovery of novel antibacterials, the production of second-generation bio-ethanol and the improvement of the symbiotic interaction between rhizobia and legumes.

 News flash

15 January 2019: Starting the new year in outstanding fashion with a paper published in the ISME Journal! Etthel and Joran discovered how persistence promotes the evolution of antibiotic resistance. Superb achievement, congrats!

Check out the Publications page for details.

15 January 2019: Liselot's review paper on cell cycle control in E. coli was named among the 'Top 10 FEMS Microbiology Reviews articles making an impact' in 2018, hurray!

19 December 2018: Elen, Laure and Pieter were granted a highly competitive FWO PhD fellowship. Congratulations, great job!

18 October 2018: The SPI group has grown quite a bit over the past few months - a big welcome to Sang, Elen and Pieter!

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