Current group members

Jan Michiels

Group leader - graduated in 1993

Research interests: all research topics


Maarten Fauvart

Part-time postdoc - graduated in 2008

Research interests: all research topics

Bram Van den Bergh

Postdoc - graduated in 2016

Research interests: Persistence


Dorien Wilmaerts

PhD student 

Research interests: Persistence

Pauline Herpels
PhD student
Research interests: Persistence

Etthel Windels
PhD student
Research interests: Persistence

Laetitia Van Wonterghem
PhD student
Research interests: Host factors involved in conjugative gene transfer

Elen Louwagie
PhD student
Research interests: Persistence

Pieter Berden
PhD student co-supervised by Prof. Liesbet Lagae at imec
Research interests: Antibiotic discovery

Hanne Put

PhD student
Research interests: Antibiotic discovery

Serge Beullens

Research technician

Research interests: all research topics

Natalie Verstraeten

Staff scientist - graduated in 2011

Research interests:  all research topics


Liselot Dewachter 

Postdoc - graduated in 2017 

Research interests: Persistence, Programmed cell death in bacteria

Vincent Greffe

PhD student 

Research interests: Biological nitrogen fixation

Thomas Schalck
PhD student
Research interests: Genetic determinants of ethanol tolerance in E. coli

Laure Verstraete
PhD student
Research interests: Persistence

Sang Nguyen
PhD student
Research interests: Persistence

Paul Matthay
PhD student
Research interests: Biochemical production

Celien Bollen

PhD student  
Research interests: Persistence

Former PhD students

Taiyeb Zahir (graduated in 2019)

Postdoc @ Lisa Maier Lab, University of Tuebingen (Germany)

Joran Michiels (graduated in 2017) ORCID
Patent Attorney Trainee @ NLO (Belgium)

Valerie Defraine (graduated in 2017)
Release Engineer Packaging @ Pfizer (Belgium)

Toon Swings (graduated in 2017) ORCID

Life Sciences Technology Specialist @ VIB (Belgium)

Evelien Gerits (graduated in 2016)
Safety and Regulatory Affairs Officer @ infarAMA (Belgium)

Wouter Knapen (graduated in 2015)
Project Engineer Product Support Biologicals @ Pfizer (Belgium)

Kristine Stepanyan (graduated in 2015)

Project Manager EASI-Genomics @ Genomics Core, KU Leuven - UZ Leuven (Belgium)

Shanjun Gao (graduated in 2015)

Clinical Researcher @ Henan Provincial People's Hospital (China)

Veerle Liebens (graduated in 2014)

Regulatory Affairs Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls Associate Manager @ Novartis (Belgium)

Ariany Colás Sánchez (graduated in 2014)
Lecturer @ Department of Agronomy, Universidad Central "Marta Abreu" de Las Villas (Cuba)

Ann Jans (graduated in 2013)
Quality Assessor Medical Devices @ FAGG - Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Belgium)

Cyrielle Kint (graduated in 2013)
CSO @ Diploid (Belgium)

Carlos Galeano Mendoza (graduated in 2012)

Carlos if you read this, please get in touch!

Lara Ramaekers (graduated in 2011)

Global Bio-Fungicides Marketing Manager @ UPL (Belgium)

Maarten Vercruysse (graduated in 2011)

Principal Scientist @ Roche (Switzerland)

Valerie De Groote (graduated in 2010)

Teaching Assistant @ Department of Chemistry, KU Leuven (Belgium)

Roldan Torres Gutiérrez (graduated in 2008)

Professor @ Universidad Regional Amazónica Ikiam (Ecuador)

Karen Vos (graduated in 2008)

Information Safety Consultant @ Interleuven (Belgium)

Roseline Remans (graduated in 2007)

Associate Research Scientist @ Earth Institute and Bioversity International, Columbia University (USA)

Kristien Braeken (graduated in 2006)

Expert Plant Protection @ Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment (Belgium)

Maarten Van Guyse (graduated in 2005)

Teacher and guitar builder (Belgium)

Jan Verhaert (graduated in 2005)

BioAg Alliance Regulatory Affairs Manager @ Monsanto (Belgium)

Gunter Dirix (graduated in 2004)

IT Specialist @ DIXIT (Belgium)

Ruth Daniels (graduated in 2002)

Senior Scientist - Microbiology Expert @ Janssen Pharmaceutica (Belgium)

Bruno Dombrecht (graduated in 2001)

Expert Therapeutic Biologics @ VIB (Belgium)

Chuanwu Xi (graduated in 2000)

Professor Environmental Health Sciences @ University of Michigan (USA)

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