Welcome to the Michiels lab

The Symbiotic and Pathogenic Interaction group (SPI) studies diverse topics related to bacterial survival under stress conditions. Check out our Research page for more info.

In the spotlight

Our Compendium of Adaptive Microbial Experiments in the Lab (CAMEL) is online. This database collects (meta)data from evolution experiments carried out using bacteria or yeasts. 

News flash

24 June 2021: Another successful PhD defense, congratulations Thomas!

25 May 2021: Jan and Dorien wrote a Dispatch for Current Biology, check it out here.

6 May 2021: Laetitia presented her work on quantifying conjugation kinetics in natural Escherichia coli strains at the Plasmids Around the Globe online talk series.

20 April 2021: Etthel's work on population bottlenecks affecting the evolutionary dynamics of persistence is now published in Molecular Biology and Evolution

16 April 2021: Celien and Liselot published a review on “Protein aggregation as a bacterial strategy to survive antibiotic treatment” in Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences. Nice read!

2 March 2021: Proud to serve as the Leuven hub for the “Soy in 1000 gardens” Citizen Science Project. More info here.

12 January 2021: Another online PhD defense, heartfelt congratulations to Etthel!

29 June 2020: Etthel received a 1-year postdoctoral mandate (PDM) from KU Leuven's Research Coordination Office. Hurray! 

24 June 2020: Dorien was awarded a 3-year postdoc fellowship from FWO Vlaanderen to continue her research on persister awakening. Congrats!

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