News items since September 2017

15 June 2022: Dorien presented her work on "Transcription-coupled DNA repair underlies variation in persister awakening and the emergence of resistance" at the "EMBO workshop: New Approaches to Combat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria" in Ascona, Switzerland. 

18 March 2022: Laetitia wrote a blogpost for VSC on het latest paper. Check the link here

28 November 2021: Elen and Silke visited elementary school VBS Maleizen in the frame of the VIB ‘Science on the Road’ school project to introduce fifth grade students to the fascinating world of bacteria. Two days of fun and educative activities! Check out the report here

7 November 2021: Laure and Bram wrote a refreshing review on evolution and ecology of persistence. Check the link here

24 June 2021: Another successful PhD defense, congratulations Thomas!

25 May 2021: Jan and Dorien wrote a Dispatch for Current Biology, check it out here

6 May 2021: Laetitia presented her work on quantifying conjugation kinetics in natural Escherichia coli strains at the Plasmids Around the Globe online talk series.

20 April 2021: Etthel's work on population bottlenecks affecting the evolutionary dynamics of persistence is now published in Molecular Biology and Evolution

16 April 2021: Celien and Liselot published a review on “Protein aggregation as a bacterial strategy to survive antibiotic treatment” in Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences. Nice read!

2 March 2021: Proud to serve as the Leuven hub for the “Soy in 1000 gardens” Citizen Science Project. More info here.

12 January 2021: Another online PhD defense, heartfelt congratulations to Etthel!

29 June 2020: Etthel received a 1-year postdoctoral mandate (PDM) from KU Leuven's Research Coordination Office. Hurray! 

24 June 2020: Dorien was awarded a 3-year postdoc fellowship from FWO Vlaanderen to continue her research on persister awakening. Congrats!

10 June 2020: Pauline successfully defended her PhD during an online public defense. Congratulations! 

8 May 2020: Hot off the press: Etthel's paper on strategies for evolutionary adaptation to antibiotic stress. Check it out here!

29 March 2020: Three new papers from the SPI group! Vincent published a review on desiccation stress in bacteria (Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology), Liselot elucidated biochemical characteristics of a toxic isoform of ObgE (International Journal of Molecular Sciences) and Taiyeb developed a microscopy screening methodology to study bacterial lysis (Frontiers in Microbiology).

4 February 2020: Taiyeb published his work on the antibacterial activity of nanopillars. Check it out here!

31 January 2020: Paul won the oral presentation award at the 25th National Symposium for Applied Biological Sciences (NSABS). Hurray! 

17 January 2020: Jan was interviewed by Science & Vie on the threat of dormant bacteria, click here for the full article (in French).

10 December 2019: Etthel's method to enrich persisters and study their awakening is published in Communications Biology.

13 November 2019: Celien and Hanne have been nominated for the IE-net prizes. Check out their posters (in Dutch) here and here and feel free to vote!

12 November 2019: Dorien successfully defended her PhD, congratulations! We are thrilled to welcome you as a post-doc in our lab.

20 October 2019: The SPI group participated in the VIB Biotech Day. More info can be found here.

17 October 2019: Liselot published a review on persistence and heteroresistance in Molecular Cell. Congratulations! 

10 October 2019: Celien, Hanne and Sang were awarded a prestigious fellowship from FWO Vlaanderen, an extraordinary achievement!

8 October 2019: In collaboration with the VIB-BioI core, Bram has created a Compendium of Adaptive Microbial Experiments in the Lab (CAMEL Databse). Check it out here!

18 September 2019: Our new website is online! Many thanks to Sabrina from BAMdesign and her sparkling sidekick. 

10 September 2019: Etthel wrote a perspective on tolerance and persistence for mBio. Nice work! 

9 September 2019: Together with the Structural Biology lab of Wim Versées, we found some "Biochemical determinants of ObgE‐mediated persistence" that were published in Molecular Microbiology

30 August 2019: Another SPI member has spread his wings, best of luck to Taiyeb in his new job!

23 July 2019: Taiyeb's image analysis approach for systematic phenotyping of morphological dynamics was published in Communications Biology. Congratulations to him!

18 July 2019: Dorien showed that "HokB monomerization and membrane repolarization control persister awakening". Great work that was published in Molecular Cell. Check out the Publications page for links and press coverage.

1 June 2019: Dorien and Etthel wrote an excellent review on persister mechanisms that was published in Trends in Genetics.

15 January 2019: Starting the new year in outstanding fashion with a paper published in the ISME Journal! Etthel and Joran discovered how persistence promotes the evolution of antibiotic resistance. Superb achievement, congrats! Check out the Publications page for details.

15 January 2019: Liselot's review paper on cell cycle control in E. coli was named among the "Top 10 FEMS Microbiology Reviews articles making an impact" in 2018, hurray!

19 December 2018: Elen, Laure and Pieter were granted a highly competitive FWO PhD fellowship. Congratulations, great job!

18 October 2018: The SPI group has grown quite a bit over the past few months - a big welcome to Sang, Elen and Pieter!

1 September 2018: We wish Toon the very best in life after SPI. Thanks for the memories and keep in touch!

30 August 2018: Happy blogging by SPI members for the general audience! Liselot explains about good and bad bacteria that are all around us in this Eos blog, and together with Dorien she summarizes our recent HokB paper in another Eos blog (in Dutch).

14 August 2018: Dorien elucidated a key mechanism of Obg-mediated persistence to find that "The persistence-inducing toxin HokB forms dynamic pores that cause ATP leakage", a study published in mBio. Congrats to her! Check out the Publications page for details.

25 July 2018: Bram and Toon just published the definitive review on "Experimental design, population dynamics, and diversity in microbial experimental evolution" in Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews, check it out! See the Publications page for details.

21 June 2018: Toon wrote a post for the Eos blog, explaining in layman's terms what his Nature Communications paper is all about (in Dutch).

8 June 2018: CRISPR-based gene editing in bacteria just got easier thanks to Toon's innovate methodology described in "CRISPR-FRT targets shared sites in a knock-out collection for off-the-shelf genome editing", published in Nature Communications. In collaboration with David Marciano and colleagues from Baylor College of Medicine, congrats to both teams! Check out the Publications page for details and press coverage.

7 June 2018: Our comment on a recent Nature paper describing a novel class of antibacterials with anti-persister activity was published in the top-tier journal Molecular Cell, check it out! 

26 April 2018: Taiyeb's agar art won the first prize in the SciPic competition that was held during the annual VIB Seminar in Veldhoven (the Netherlands)! You can admire "Glowing Legend" here.

10 April 2018: Valerie's exhaustive review on "Current and emerging anti-persister strategies and therapeutics" was published in one of the leading journals covering drug resistance, Drug Resistance Updates. The culmination of an incredibly fruitful PhD, fantastic achievement! 

20 March 2018: Toon's genome analysis skills were crucial to unravel the mechanism of "Selective killing by lectin-like bacteriocins", published in mBio. Great job! 

9 February 2018: Valerie's paper on the mode of action of our novel anti-persister compound SPI009 was published in Frontiers in Microbiology, well done! 

22 January 2018: Liselot's authorative review on "An integrative view of cell cycle control in Escherichia coli" was published in one of microbiology's premier journals, FEMS Microbiology Reviews, awesome stuff! 

13 November 2017: After reaching second place in the PhD Cup 2017, Bram's research was featured in the Artsenkrant, Belgium's national newspaper for general practitioners and medical specialists. Well done!

20 October 2017: The SPI group has won 2 prizes at Belgium's premier national microbiology meeting, the 2017 Symposium of the Belgian Society for Microbiology. Bram won the Best Presentation prize and Taiyeb won the BSM agar art award with this picture. Congrats to both of them!

9 October 2017: We are now officially part of the world-renowed Flemish biotechnology institute VIB, hurray! Check out our VIB mini-site here.

7 October 2017: Laure is nominated for the VBI Student Research Awards, well done! She will present the results from her Master thesis during a grand finale that will take place on October 17th at the Heuts auditorium. Come and cheer her on! For more info, check out the VBI Student Research Awards web site.

5 October 2017: Bram finished second in the finals of the PhD Cup 2017, congratulations! Watch a video of Bram's performance on the night here and a newspaper interview with him here (in Dutch).

26 September 2017: Bram has made it into the finals of the PhD Cup 2017, congratulations! 

6 September 2017: Toon's paper on "Network-based identification of adaptive pathways in evolved ethanol-tolerant bacterial populations" got published in Molecular Biology and Evolution, fantastic stuff!